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Simply THE BEST Dog Training & Rehabilitation

Date Posted: 9/5/2018 5:37:22 PM
Location: DENVER
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"When other dog trainers or behaviorists can't or won't work with your dog due to breed or severity of issues... WE WILL!!!" Since 1990, we have worked with all sorts of dogs in all sorts of homes/ living situations. From former fighting dogs to dogs coming from an abused background, from dogs pulled from their liter too young to dogs that have never lived in a home before... There is no canine behavioral issues we won't take on. - Aggression/ Overly Assertive/ Dominance - Territoriality - Possessiveness - Fighting in the Ranks (Multiple Dog Homes) - Bite History - Anti-social Behavior - Confidence Building - Tolerance Training - Proper Leadership/ Structure in the home - And more... We take a balanced approach (vs Positive Re-enforcement Only) to training and rehabilitation... Teaching both dog and human "Yes" and "No" WITHOUT hitting/kicking/shock collars/choke chains/etc. This balanced approach is based on the original relationship between man and wolves. * IN-HOME, One-on-One Training * 2-5 Week Program (individual results may vary) * No steep up-front costs * No special books/tools/videos to purchase * Convenient and easy weekly scheduling We accept Major Credit Cards/ PayPal/ Checks/ Cash Visit us at

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AFFORDABLE - Small Groups - Local Dog Training